Is anyone else getting REALLY nervous about this year?

<p>I've been keeping track of applicant pools and projected admissions rates at many of the top schools in the US (i.e. Northwestern, Rice, UChicago, Duke, Ivies, and several others) and frankly, it's looking pretty scary. I'm a top student and I think I've done everything I really can at this point, but even so...those numbers are quite a bit smaller than they were last year. Anyone else got the same chills?</p>

<p>I know the feeling! I got so stressed out at the beginning of the year that I worried about getting rejected from all my colleges! I almost didn't even apply to top schools because of the low rates.</p>

<p>I guess the thing to keep in mind is that your college experience will be what you make of it, no matter what level school you go to. I've already been accepted to my top choice early, so now it's all about not getting rescinded, which means no second semester senior for me...</p>

<p>I'm nervous about next year. The pool gets more advanced every year.</p>

<p>jeckert: nope. You're all alone. Everyone else is sitting in their drawing rooms eating bon bons and having the servants bring the iced tea.</p>


<p>Kidding aside, why worry about what you can't control? Will life end or will you become a different person if you don't get into your top choice? I'm an HYP grad and can honestly say that if I didn't attend that school, the things that matter to me today would be pretty much the same.</p>

<p>Advice for you: go out with a bang. Leave no regrets in HS. Ask out those people who intimidate you. Knock out the best grades. Show gratitude to your parents and friends. Have a great summer. And enjoy whatever college is privileged enough to have you in Sept.</p>

<p>^ I imagined the entire last paragraph playing out in my head like a montage. It was awesome.</p>

<p>But to answer your question, yes, I'm very nervous as well. I'm an international applicant, so it's somewhat worse for me. But hey, what happens happens, and I can always go to med school over nyah. Till then, cranking up the Toto and enjoying senior year</p>

<p>yep definitely feeling the same as you!
its not helping that i'm stalking that one thread about the vals/sals and where they got in...
it seems as though it's kind of like an all or nothing thing (especially with an ivy)
its like...get accepted to one...get accepted to multiple others...or just get flat out rejected by most.
that's what's terrifying!!</p>

<p>but one thing that makes me feel a little better is that if i didn't apply, i'd have 0% of getting that's a bit encouraging that we all have at least some chance (if we applied)</p>