Is Arizona State really that easy to get into?

Hi, I’ve applied to ASU but I’ve been reading online that it’s a pretty easy school to get into some going as far as saying “If you have a pulse and money you could get in.” Is that true?

90% acceptance rate. High flunk out rate.

@TomSrOfBoston so just about everybody gets in but it’s hard to stay in?

Another question I have is what’s the lowest GPA they would take?

Minimum of 2.0

It’s only hard to stay in because the people who go in don’t exactly have the highest stats to begin with

I have a large number of students from my school go to arizona state. It’s mainly the partiers.

@Gumbymom I’m sorry if it’s a bither but what do they mean by competencies?

@collegebound1516 My stats are bad because of terrible freshman year but i’ve since then improved my GPA so I think I’d be fine

Competencies means academic preparation and the intelligence to do the work. Plus the maturity not to go off the deep end partying.

@TomSrOfBoston So all you have to do is meet one of the competency requirements in each subject and you’ll be fine?

“Admission may be granted with one deficiency in no more than two competency areas.”

@T26E4 Seems pretty easy if you ask me.

Here are ASU’s frosh admission requirements:

@T26E4 Seems pretty easy if you ask me.”

Yep: 90% acceptance rate, high flunk out rate … that’s what it means.

So what if I have 1.7 GPA but got 24 on the act? Could I get in? At all?

@Xstraaaa: You meet the ACT minimum criteria posted in #12 but you also have to meet the course requirements listed. If you meet both, then you qualify for admission.