Is ASU a liberal University?

<p>Hello. I am a law student at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland). And I have the opportunity to go to an American university for one year. I really want to go to the Arizona state university but I have a question : I’m progressive politically speaking and I’m an atheist. I was wondering if a lefty atheist like me would feel good in this University. To summarize : is ASU a liberal university ? Thank’s for answering and sorry for my english.</p>

<p>Tough to say really, Arizona is a politically conservative state/red state voting Republican. Thus is the anti-thesis of a liberal state. Most all of the positions in state govt are conservative republicans and returned for the republican party in 2012, 08 etc. So no its NOT a politically liberal state. </p>

<p>ASU is not very politically active, there are students of all leanings, a fairly good cross-section of diversity to, Hispanics, Asian-Americans etc, but around 70& of students are In-State and are therefore residents and thus voting members of a family living in state, thus the University does have something of a conservative leaning, I would say about 55% plus conservative a majority but only just, I think its more politically ambivalent than leaning one way or other. Their is a fairly strong church/religious bent in Arizona, the LDS/Mormon church are very strong and their is a Mormon church right on campus, but then their is a Mormon church next to most High Schools in Arizona so thats nothing unusual. </p>

<p>You may not be an odd liberal and I am sure you will find many like minded ‘lefties’ at ASU, but no it’s no a liberal university.</p>

<p>Thank you for your answer. In fact, all I ask for is an university where I won’t be insulted of satanist-communist-who-will-burn-in-hell twice a week. I don’t have to be in the majority but if some people can share my views it’s better. I hope ASU is for me.</p>

<p>I think you’ll be fine, good luck</p>