Is Cal State Monterey Bay a Good School?

How does this university rank amoung other cal states in terms of how impaction, competativeness and academics?

2018 Data:

Monterey Bay Applied: 12,435 Admitted: 7,276 Enrolled: 1,002

Average CSU GPA: 3.33 Average SAT: 1100 Average ACT: 23
Campus Impaction:

I would not worry about rankings. I would look at what programs CSUMB offers, if your stats meet or exceed the averages and I would schedule a visit to find out for yourself if any CSU you apply would be a good Match.

If you would post your CSU GPA, test scores and intended major, CC posters can help you find schools that would be good options in which to apply.

I will post all that fun stuff as soon as I take the ACT in June. I would have taken it sooner but I wanted to be as prepared as possible, plus most of my track meets were on the same day and I was not going to miss one unless I wanted to be kicked off the team. I’ll book mark this so that i won’t forget to. Thanks all!

like all the CSUs, academically CSUMB is fine. It is a lot smaller and newer than most of them so it hasn’t grown into its footprint. As you might guess, they have strong Env and marine Science programs. Last time is I was there, there were a lot of old Fort Ord legacy buildings still standing giving the surrounding area a weird feel. I think the dorms sport CSUs only ocean view which is nice. The people I’ve known who attended really liked it and they have good jobs in the field related to their major… Visit, talk to some existing students and see what you think.