Is Calc 1 at CC enough to prep me for BC Calc?

<p>Here is the situation: I'm a junior taking Precalc right now and I hope to take AP Calc BC next year. My guidance counselor told me that the AP Calc BC curriculum at our school is laid out so that it picks up right after where Calc AB lefts off, so AP Calc AB is an absolute prereq to take BC at our school. My question is, if I take Calc 1 at Community College over the summer, will that take be roughly similar in terms of difficulty and content as compared to AP Calc AB? I'm asking this because I have heard that CC classes are generally alot easier than AP or 4 year college classes.</p>

<p>I don't think it's enough, but you'll have to email the community college or something for a better answer.</p>

<p>I think it will be enough. CC classes are more difficult than AP from what I've heard. Plus, you could do BC Calc. right after Algebra 2/Trig if it were allowed.</p>

<p>^^CC is harder than AP?? Well where I live our CC is like an honors classes. Definitely not AP level.</p>

<p>Definitely not.....Calc 1 is equivalent to Calc AB. There is some more material that isn't covered...Buy an AP book or something; you should be fine then.</p>