Is Calc 1 required if I already took Calc 2?

So, i’m at a CCC (California Community College) my major for the UC’s I’m interested in want Calc I and Calc II. I already took Calc II. Do I need to move backwords and take Calc I also?

How were you able to take Calc II if you did not take Calc I? AP credit?

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I’m not entirely sure if you have to take Calc 1, but I would recommend it if you are moving on to harder calculus or math classes in the future, even if you did really well in Calc 2. Then again it depends on if you have other knowledge in the subject. I’ve heard the concepts in Calc 1 are harder than Calc 2 if that helps.

Placement testing and math department exemption, i’m in honors.

English is not my first language. I hope i explained correctly.

You explained just fine. I would contact the schools where you plan to transfer, explain what you have stated here and ask if you need to take Calc 1.

What does your CC transfer advisor say?