Is correct use the words “new normal”, or sounds like We gave up?

Personally, I still reject the term “new normal”, I feel that not accepting it is an incentive to continue fighting against adversity.

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Not all adversity can be overcome.

Some events mean that life will never be the same.

If your beloved wife dies after 25 years of marriage, if you are diagnosed with cancer, if you develop a chronic health condition – you have no choice but to accept a new normal.

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Ditto what the pp said. If I didn’t accept the new normal for my life (health-wise), I’d either be insane or no longer alive. It was only by accepting the new normal that I could move on. There is no fix to my issues. It was super stressful trying to see if they could be fixed.


I assume you’re referring to the post pandemic world, not some personal circumstances. The “new normal” is probably the best we can hope for after repeatitively bungled responses. We’ll likely have to live with the consequences for a while.

I think there is always going to be a new normal as time goes on. Look at the changes in airline regulations and security since 9/11. Things will never go back to the way they were.


Even if Covid were to magically vanish overnight, we would still be living in a new normal. All of us have learned to do things we never thought we’d do with tools we didn’t even know existed. Entire industries have been transformed, and new states of art have been established. Livestream that wedding/class/concert for people who can’t attend in person? Heck yeah! Order groceries online for pickup at the supermarket door? Yay!! Dine outdoors in all seasons with appropriate wardrobe and sunshade/heater? Sure, why not! Work from home and never fight traffic again? Count me in!

I don’t think it sounds like giving up at all. It is a recognition of the seismic shifts in certain aspects of life. There are whole industries that have sprung up related to COVID. There are certain things that changed that would not have happened were in not for COVID. For example, my nonprofit’s board now meets by Zoom. While we hope to meet in person again someday, we now have Zoom as an option if there is a bad weather forecast, or for people who may be traveling. Now we can have better attended meetings.


I, for one, will wear a mask in flu season from now on.

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We won’t have snow days anymore. We may find that WFH is so popular that people won’t live near their job location.

My husband has a coworker who moved to Arizona and my husband thinks it’s permanent. My nephew’s girlfriend is looking at residencies and he plans on keeping the job he has, wherever her new location is. My daughter is moving to a new city as her partner found a job and hopes to keep the job she has now.

People are moving without thinking of their commute. We are buying almost everything on the internet.

These are things that I hope stay permanent.

Covid is a pain of course but flu isn’t even around this year in most parts. I know I’ll keep my mask available during flu season from now on.