Is cricket recognised at US unis?

<p>Yeah, i am talking about the sport cricket (with the bat and the ball)... its amazing how many american friends of mine dont know what cricket is.</p>

<p>So do colleges have a team in general, nd do you get credit for playing club level (senior leagues)...</p>

<p>They will not have it as a varsity sport. They might have it as a intermural sport, if not you can start one up. Great way to meet new people! Someone started up a kung fu club at Kent State which is very popular.</p>

<p>Look at Haverford College - they have a cricket team. Problem is, who do they play? The college is just down the streeet from the Merion Cricket Club - another MCC.</p>

<p>most people play baseball instead.</p>

<p>Hmm... yea a few colleges do have cricket... schools with a high desi population usually have cricket team.</p>