Is Earlham nerdy enough?

<p>My daughter plans to be a scientist, and she enjoys nerdy intellectual conversations, often to the exclusion of more typical discussion of clothes, boys, school gossip. She sometimes bemoans the paucity of like-minded people at her small school. The irony is that I think she would be lost at a big university. She herself wants to attend a small college. What are the chances she will find like-minded people at Earlham despite its small size?</p>

<p>"Nerdy" and "intellectual" are two of Earlham's better traits, and for Earlham girls, clothes and boys are pretty low on the list of conversational topics. A student who's serious about her studies won't have trouble finding kindred spirits.</p>

<p>With such a small college campus, she'll have many opportunities to converse and work with her classmates, older students, and her professors. She should also enjoy being able to do undergrad research projects here. Most classes are small which fosters good discussions. There are plenty of students on campus who participated in the most rigorous studies in their high schools, such as IB. This is not a college filled with slackers. :)</p>