Is early action for UNC OOS any easier than regular decision?

4.0 unweighted
33 act
9 total APs in high school
Heavily involved in theater program at my high school
Vice President of a mentor organization for middle school girls
Lots of community service

UNC OOS is difficult regardless. If your application is entirely ready (great recs, essay, test scores you’re happy with, etc.) by the EA deadline, I’d do it to get your decision earlier. If not, wait until regular. It really will not make a huge difference, and if they’re unsure they’ll defer you anyways.

If you could bring up your ACT to a 34, you will be in better shape. As @novafan1225 correctly notes, admission as an unhooked, non-legacy OOS is very difficult.

Do the EA if you can, although there will be many other applicants who do so: If you will have good grades at the end of your junior year, you will have incentive to apply EA because your admissions decision will be made primarily on the grades at the end of your junior year; if you are in the regular pool, then the grades after the end of your first semester will be factored in the admissions decision. If you are suffering from “senioritis” and have a drop-off in GPA during the first semester of your senior year, that could adversely affect your chances at admission if you apply RD.

Also, by applying EA you will find out earlier if you get accepted/rejected/deferred, which may make your decision process about where you ultimately matriculate easier.