Is Florida Tech for me?

Hello! I’m in need of some guidance seeing as there is less than 2 weeks until decision day and I have yet to commit to a school. I was very close to paying my deposit for FIT, but then my parents started another discussion about FIT vs the other schools I’ve been accepted into. At first, they were excited about my acceptance to FIT and we were all only worried about the costs. Now, my parents are on the fence about both FIT’s academics and the cost for me to attend. As for academics, they are really convinced that Clarkson University and SUNY buffalo or binghamton could provide me with the same, or a better education with a better price too (I am from NY). I understand that FIT doesn’t scream prestigious as it’s a fairly newer and small school, but in my own eyes I think it’s prestigious. I’ve done a lot of research on colleges, but I’m starting to doubt myself after hearing what my parents have to say. The final decision is mine, but I have to keep in mind that my parents are also going to be a big part of my college years.

I truly wish I was as interested in those other schools I was accepted to as I have been for FIT because I received crazy financial aid for Clarkson and then in-state tuition for the SUNYs. For FIT, I received their $15k scholarship and a grant but I cannot remember the amount. From my financial aid packet, for my first year, I’ll be paying just a tiny bit under half-tuition - and that’s for a psychology major (I am also interested in biomedical sciences for my pre-med track, but I recently found out about the tuition increase/difference for eng and science majors, luckily I am equally as interested in psych). I’ve seen that other oos students have gotten more for the Panthers scholarship and I feel a little gypped for my $15k because I feel like I have the grades and I’m top 5% of my class (class of 165 students). Either way, we have tried to negotiate my financial aid and the office told us they have already offered the max of what they are able to and suggested I seek outside scholarships and grants.

That is a little background on me. I guess I have questions on how is Florida Tech’s academics, especially their school of psychology and what being a pre-med student is like and what are my chances of succeeding as pre-med in a school that has a big focus on engineering? I understand saying that is a bit contradicting for my case, but I should include that I am interested in Florida Tech for its small population, the research opportunities, and knowing myself, I feel like it’s an environment I could thrive in.

I feel like I keep returning back to this step: deciding on a college and then getting second thoughts. Is Florida Tech a school worth going to for psychology and for the cost I’d be paying (a little less than $20,000 a year), as well as traveling back and forth from NY each year?

Thanks in advance!

My son is almost certainly attending FIT starting this fall. But he will be in aerospace engineering. He got a really nice financial aid package from them, so for us it will be cheaper than almost all the other schools he was offered. We also have loads of family in Florida. For him its all a win-win. For you, I don’t know. Florida Tech is known for its engineering degrees and not so much for other majors. It’s also very expensive.

I know you must think that the beach and weather will be nice. They will! But I think you should weigh the costs. Unless your family is able to afford any amount for college, I wouldn’t underestimate exactly how much you will be paying for tuition and travel costs. The other three colleges are good and closer to home.

The merit money at FIT is given according to a matrix, based on gpa/scores/class rank. I don’t think you got less than others with lower stats. It is a private school so OOS or instate doesn’t matter, except that Florida students have more outside aid they can use at FIT (Bright Futures, Florida Prepaid, a resident grant) and there are a couple scholarships only available to residents; FIT charges instate and OOS the same. There are a few awards for things like Eagle scout or robotics teams, but the big merit aid is based on the chart. However, if you aren’t happy with your financial offer then don’t go to FIT because it will not get better. Tuition went up every year but my daughter’s FA did not change year to year. There are a lot of internship/work study opportunities available on campus or in the area.

My daughter was in engineering but a lot of her friends were in psychology and I think the program is really top notch, especially in the autism studies areas. The Scott center is well funded and has some really interesting projects and internships. She had friends in forensic psych too. The advice on CC is to go to your least expensive option for undergrad if you are going to med school and that probably won’t be FIT.

There are a lot of students from NY/NJ at FIT. The travel costs aren’t very high (tons of cheap flights to NYC area). The weather/beach are much nicer than living in upstate NY.