is it normal???

<p>there are 16kids in my ap chem class
but guess what no one is getting a in the class..!!the highest grade is like 84%...which is very surprising because we just went through some review chapters and 2new chapters...</p>

<p>its not normal is it??</p>

<p>Sure it's normal.</p>

<p>oh bunch of people on cc who get a on ap chem are abnormal right??</p>

<p>Don't jump on me because you can't hack it.</p>

<p>Depends on the school. At my school there is not a single class where there isn't at least one person with an A. Heck, probably no class where there isn't at least three people with an A (per section).</p>

<p>I think it must depend on how your teacher gives tests and how your teacher assigns grades. For example, in college, the average on a physics test is often around 50%. The teacher will curve this so that the top several people get an A.</p>

<p>But do you mean that no one has an A and your teacher is not curving it? If so, then your teacher should probably reevaluate how he/she is teaching because the students are not doing well.</p>

<p>well, my clas was 7 people. For the last 6 week grading period, we had three As (I had a 110 somehow, still haven't figured that one out), and 4 Fs. It all depends on homework. And the potential of the students. We got 4 5s and 3 3s on teh exam, I believe.</p>

<p>my ap physics c class is like 20 people and we have 1 girl lol</p>

<p>we actually started out with all boys but then a girl transferred in</p>

<p>Oh that poor girl. I hope you all didn't harass her too badly...</p>

<p>Um. So, we're lucky enough to have two(!!!) periods of AP chem - one class with nine kids, the other with ten, more girls than boys. Everyone either has an A or is failing depending upon who turns in their assignments; two kids tops have B's. I've got a 100 and am trying very hard to pretend it will last :)</p>

<p>my teacher is a little bit strange...
ok she gave us almost 20 problems each chapter...which consist of half easy and half hard question...then she picks 3 random problems...and grade those three problems.. i havent seen anyone getting 3/3 on homework...the reason why this method is strange is that people spent hours to do this homework and that gets 0/3 often times...dont you guys gets partial credit for just showing homeworks???</p>

<p>sadly im getting 76% in this desperately need at least b in this class..!!</p>