Is it ok not to take an AP English?

<p>I've been trying to figure out what to do with my schedule next year... over the past year I've come to discover that I'm not much of an English person unless the teacher is really good, and unfortunately, I know that the AP Lit teacher at my school leaves much to be desired, and I could never see myself taking AP Comp. I know that AP Lit will be a lot of work in something I don't particularly like, and I'll probably just be working to get through the class without enjoying it.</p>

<p>I already have 4 APs in my schedule for senior year, yet I am at odds over whether I should just go for the additional AP or stick with the regular English 12 class. I am aiming for top colleges such as the Ivies, so I do not want to limit my options over one English class. This year I took 4 APs in addition to two honors classes, so if I go for the easier English, my schedule next year will be a step down from this year. I am planning to go into Engineering, and I've heard about how those classes aren't as important for engineers, but I don't want to come across as a slacker during my last chance to make a good impression for college.</p>