Is it okay if I do not have 2 years of math?

I am a US citizen studying in CBSE in India.

I want to do premed in college while majoring in Biology or any other subject.
If I do not have 2 years of math,will I be okay?

I am taking PCB with psychology.

thank you

Most colleges in the US want 4 years of math, not two. What is the highest level math you have taken? You should be through at least precalc in high school, and having calculus will help since that is a required part of the premed curriculum. It would be better to take math every year in high school.

I just finished 10th grade and am entering 11th grade.

some universities told me it is okay if I do only 2 years of math.

In CBSE calculus is there in physics in 11th and 12th grade so I will be prepared for it.

You really need four years of math. Unless you reached a very high level of math early in high school or you are happy to start out in community college, your choices are going to narrow down quite a bit without it on your transcript.

It is possible you have maxed out your math classes available to you. While that’s wonderful, you will unfortunately be up against kids applying to competitive colleges who were able to go to multivariable calculus and beyond, who found a way to enroll for four years. On the other hand, if you haven’t reached pre-calculus by graduation, you might be required to take remedial classes that don’t give you credit towards graduation in order to catch up.

I actually emailed alot of colleges and they told me it is okay if I have only 2 years of math. I even found this person called @zointhesky who took the same courses as me and got into 11/11 universities she applied to and she was an international .

Hi, my daughter is planning to take BS in Canada. She has done Medical ISC Board. what should she do to fulfill 12th Math requirement.

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Well, then it appears that you should apply to those colleges and see what happens.

There are a lot more colleges who require four years of math to gain admission. Most US-based high schools require 4 years of Math to graduate from their schools. Your application will be viewed among those students.

Because the schools are not using SAT’s and ACT’s for admission, they will be looking more closely at rigor. That means that students who have taken 4 years of math will probably will be regarded as stronger applicants. But, you go ahead and apply with two years of math.

  • “a lot” is two words.

You are asking a question, and then telling people why they are wrong. Part of the miscommunication is that there is an assumption that you are looking at selective universities - which you didn’t indicate.

So, IF you are looking at highly selective colleges, and IF you are in a school that has a STEM pathway and IF your application is about your STEM-related goals, THEN not having 4 years of math in secondary school could affect an AO’s evaluation of you as a candidate.

On the other hand IF you are looking at less selective colleges OR if your school does not provide 4 years of math THEN it won’t be so much of an issue.

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Maybe in Math class? ?