Is it okay? Letter of recommendation (LOR) from two teachers of the same subject?


I am an engineering student applying for transfer to 4-year institutions, and I have a dilemma. Application deadlines are approaching for transfer students, and I need LOR (2 academic letters max). However, the classes that I have performed extremely well in are chemistry, and I have even managed to make great connections with the professors. I do not have any humanities professors who like me as much as my STEM ones.

1st professor general chemistry 1-
They are a director of the engineering program at my institution, and I have worked under them as a research assistant, tutor, ambassador, and voluntarily as a student organization president. They can speak a lot on my behalf, so I believe they are a staple to have as a LOR.

2nd professor General Chemistry 2:
I ranked the top of the class for this professor. I was the only student who did not have to take the final exam to maintain my A grade (but I did anyway). I have met with them prior for another LOR, so I am confident they have great things to say.

The calculus professor:
I have taken Calculus 2, Calculus 3 and am currently taking Differential Equations under the same professor (A’s in all). He is not as fluent in English as the other two professors, but he claims that he can write me a very good recommendation letter.

I sat in the front of the class for all 3 professors, but for calculus, I was never able to voluntarily participate. I was mainly helping my classmates adjacent to me until the pandemic struck.

Note: I am planning to use another individual for a professional recommendation letter rather than my Chemistry 1 professor who will be used for one of my academic LOR’s.

Would academic LOR’s from two chemistry professors be subpar to LOR’s from a Calculus and Chemistry professor?

Which combination should I choose?

Stay safe everyone!