Is it okay to worry about this?

<p>I am a college freshman. I am majoring in history ed, and my freshman year is going pretty well. Minor hiccups with friends, but ive been partying every weekend, studying during the week, gone to several basketball/football games, made a 3.4 last semester. Active in faith life, average kid. But for some reason, lately ive been really really stressing about my future, like relationships and jobs. I want to be a high school teacher/coach, and im honestly worried im never going to get married. I have had 3 girlfriends, but none have lasted more than 3 months. (2 in HS, one last semester), and im the only one of my friends who is still a virgin. I dont really care about the fact I am, because I am christian and I dont care what people think, thats my business, but I see people falling in love and being intimate, while ive done that, its sustained and people seem to have no problem finding a girl. I really worry, I have a ton of girl friends, Im the guy they rant to about their problems, but i just feel that theres no one out there for me sometimes, i think and hope there is, but if there isnt, i just gotta do the best i can.My only goals in life are to be a good role model, a good man, and the best and most supportive husband/father, and i just am terrified at failing, and i definately dont want to be needy/try to force it to this normal? Any advice would be awesome! Hope you all are having a great week!</p>

<p>So many people make the mistake of thinking that worrying about something is actually accomplishing anything. It is very important for you, and anyone else, to get this fact: worry is wasted effort. You will not find any answers through worrying about something. You definitely will not get any closer to the goals that you are after by worrying over them. So try to stop.</p>

<p>Getting rid of worry is pretty much the same as getting rid of stress. Go to the gym, go swimming, or go jogging. Do this at least five days a week and it will help with all the mental stress. </p>

<p>Make yourself a map of the future. You can do this by writing down all of the things that you want to do with your life in increments of five years or so. You can then examine what you are after and work on the things that you have actual control over, such as getting grades and taking good care of yourself. </p>

<p>Being the guy that all the girls want to be friends with can be looked at as a great training ground for your future desire to be a good husband and life partner. It gives you a chance to see what girls are like from a completely different perspective than involved in a relationship.</p>

<p>You're a freshman- don't stress too much about getting married. I would focus more on making friends (from both genders) and cultivating good relationships with them.</p>