Is it overwhelming to double major CS and Business?

I want to study both Computer science B.A and Business B.S but is it possible to study both of these majors and finish and master them in 4 years only?

S has several friends doing just that CS / Business (finance) or CS/Econ at a very demanding academic school. Very doable. Just takes being structured and organized. Kids still find time to have plenty of fun.

Will they finish the 2 majors in 4 years only?

Yes and with good jobs lined up.

It depends on the college you go to and their requirements.

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Do CS/Econ instead or CS / Anything that is not General Business because a general business degree is not really worth much in the job market comparison to any field that involves math or some form of applied math. Check the unit cap and courses to see if it is possible. It some schools it can be done. In my it can’t.

In fact get a business minor instead. Business including accounting is a meme field and low paying. The two degrees may sound like that they overlap but they really do not. You will not be a CEO instead you will spend your time brown nosing and doing a lot of a** kissing.

Most Finance people are not actually rich and the idea that the banksters run the world is a meme written by angry people who have no clue how out of date the banking industry is. Trust me, you do not want to work in finance. That time is better spent elsewhere being happy. It is an industry that will not survive under the rise of bitcoin and other financial technologies.

It also takes away from CS and the two fields have little to no overlap outside of quant trading, fintech related roles where it is much better to have an undergrad math degree and a masters in CS. Your business degree will add nothing of value except waste time and more years of college, but don’t worry you can always work for McDonalds to cover up that double major.

I know a user along with myself who struggled to find a post-bacc / second degree in CS / masters who would accept him? I have no clue whatever or not he had actually had found the magic program, but from what I do know, his degree in IT did not help him at all.