Is it possible to get into dental school?

<p>My grades for fall (freshman) were a C+ in writing, A in chem 4, B in math 20C, and B+ in music 4. It ended up being a 3.15 and I don't know what the average gpa for dental schools are so I'm freaking out. DOES ANYONE KNOW?</p>

<p>are you completed with your pre-reqs?</p>

<p>no I still have to take a lot more classes</p>

<p>Lots of people do somewhat poorly their first quarter - college (and especially UCSD) is a lot to get used to. There's nothing you can do now, so there's no point worrying - just figure out what went wrong this quarter and improve. Don't let it drop that low again. You still have a few years to get that GPA up, you'll get the hang of things.
(Sincerely, someone who got a 3.4 first quarter and ended with a 3.8 cumulative)</p>

<p>I believe the average accepted GPA for most dental school is around a 3.5, like a lot of health professional schools. </p>

<p>You definitely have time to get it up.</p>