Is it possible to get into USC’s School of Dramatic Arts and major in BA in Theater with little experience?

I’m currently a sophomore and I would like to one day pursue a career in acting. I have no experience and I was planning on joining drama my junior year but I’m not able to do so. I was wondering if I join drama my senior year would I be able to get in the program. I don’t plan on auditioning for the BFA program, but I was wondering if the school takes into consideration experience in drama or acting?

If you have ZERO experience in this field…what makes you think you would love this as a college major?

Just a gut feeling

Have you looked into opportunities within your community (outside of school)? Many cities - even small towns - have a community theater company with open auditions and opportunities to perform in local productions. Anything like that where you live?

I have but there aren’t many options around me sadly

Sorry…but based on what? Have you even looked at the course of study for a BA in Theater?

I very strongly suggest that you familiarize yourself with what this degree entails…and that includes things like painting sets, and working on props. Every theater major is required to do a lot of backstage work. And not all even get parts on on stage productions.

As mentioned…look for civic theater groups in your area. Around here, there are summer youth theaters too which do productions in the summer.

Learn what the field is all about.


Yes I have researched on the course study of a BA in Theater, and I’m totally fine with it. I’m in band have been playing music for years, and I kind of just want something different. I mentioned how I was gonna do drama my senior year and I guess I’ll determine if I’m interested in acting or not. At USC you can choose to do an emphasis, and I would like to do an emphasis on acting. I appreciate you telling me to think more carefully about this :slight_smile:

I guess I also have plenty of time to gain experience before I graduate high school

If the BA in theater does not require an audition, then I don’t think your lack of experiencewill be counted against you. At USC, it is easy to change majors once you are there.

So BA theatre programs in general are just that, a major in a school. Most have no specific requirements or audition and are for people who want to be introduced to acting in college. I believe that USC has both a BA acting that is a general admission major and a BFA in both acting and musical theatre that are highly competitive. In general in schools that have both BA and BFA programs there are not as many opportunities for people in the BA programs so I would look into that.