Is it socially awkward to be a transfer at Hamilton??

I got accepted as transfer student for Fall 2020 and was super stoked at first. I am now learning that it can be quiet socially isolating to be a transfer student, especially at such a small school where everyone has their established groups and doesn’t really want to expand them. To top it off, Hamilton is in the middle of nowhere so you’re really stuck with the other kids there, it could be a blessing or a curse. Should this be a serious consideration when deciding to commit? I have a good friend group at my current university but want to transfer for better academics.

If you had established friends at Hamilton, would you be unreceptive to potential new friends? You may encounter some students there who view relationships in this limited way, but they wouldn’t be likely to be especially interesting anyway, and you would certainly meet others with more open attitudes.

Hamilton is so spatially large that it would require a serious dearth of imagination not to explore that space socially. For variety, you could eat in any of seven places on campus, for example.

@merc81 thank you so much for the assuring and wise words! I hope I get to meet a lot more kind people like you on campus, as I just committed:)

You will make a great addition to Hamilton’s campus, @un1c0rnsRc00l. Wishing you the absolute best of luck there!