Is it too late to apply to the college of charleston?

hi! is it too late to realistically apply for fall admission to the college of charleston? they consider based on space available… what would the likelihood be to get in for spring 2021? due to family reasons i didn’t think i would be going to a college outside of california but things have changed recently, but i’m not sure if it’s even worth applying or sending sat scores. thanks!
if you know, what would be the best majors to apply to have the best chance of still having space available?

You still can technically submit an application, but it’s VERY unlikely you can get in considering the enrollment deadline is in 21 days.

Contact admissions and/or send in your app ASAP…you can complete their own app or the common app. If you do contact admissions, ask them which app is preferable at this relatively late date.

You will need to have your HS GC send your transcript. COC allows self-reporting of test scores, so you don’t have to pay to send them.

COC does not accept by major, so no issues there.

Follow the application directions exactly.

If you are applying for FA follow these directions.

Also run the net price calculator, COC does not meet full need.