Is it too late to notify UVA about an award?


<p>I was wondering if it is too late now to let UVA know about any awards won during senior year. If it isn't, how can I inform them ASAP? It isn't a incredible award like ISEF or something, but it's notable because it's a state level award, in which my team won a trip to China. So how can I let them know if there is still time? Also, what do I write/type in the letter? Do I just state the name of the contest won, description, what we won, or what? </p>

<p>Please respond, because UVA is my dream school, and I don't think I'm getting in. This might be able to save my low-side-of-borderline butt, so any help is appreciated!</p>


<p>I think it is probably too late, but who really knows? I'd send them a polite e-mail, in letter form with your complete name, address, phone, and explain that you are particularly proud of this accomplishment and that you wanted to share this news with UVA, since this is your #1 choice. Keep it brief, polite, and e-mail it. There should be an e-mail address readily available on the admissions site. Good luck.</p>

<p>Here's the admissions e-mail address if you do decide to contact them:
<a href=""></a></p>


<p>You are to be commended for being so conscientious. Not only do you make every effort to help the folks who post on this CC site, but your attention to detail in following up as you did with the OP in this case is outstanding.</p>

<p>Ahh, shucks, thank you for your kind words HHD. I try to be helpful. I just got kind up hooked on the the whole admissions process after going through it last year.
And to california_love8, just a few threads down from this one, on "New Information," HopefulHoo'sDad offers a good differing opinion regarding e-mail vs. overnight letter/and address, that you might want to consider. Choose one way or another, but get it done the sooner the better. Best of luck.</p>

<p>A good advice regarding sending e-mails: Direct them NOT to the general email address. Instead, address it to one of the admission officers (eg. Dean BlackBurn or Dean J). This will ensure that your e-mail is read by them and not a third-party.</p>

<p>Aceit, it's much more efficient to email the general account. The Deans are busy people this time of year and we aren't in our offices all day, every day. On top of that, emails to us have to pass through many more hands before they make it to the file room (we don't pull the files, we just send the item down to the "library" to be added to your folder).</p>

<p>oh man, I can't believe it! I typed in the wrong email address, and only now my email alerted me that the delivery failed because the address doesn't exist (usually it does this within 5 minutes)!!!!!!!!! Ugh, I typed in undergra<em><a href=""></a> instead of undergrad</em><a href=""></a>!!! </p>

<p>I'm guessing it's definitely too late now, but if I get waitlisted (if that happens), then can I still email Virginia about this? Man, I'm really upset because I think this could have helped me out at least somewhat since it's a state level award, and I'm borderline. I really hope this silly mistake doesn't keep me out of Virginia!!</p>

<p>c.love8~ just re-send! stop worrying and take'll feel better and it'll get thru. you have absolutely nothing to lose!</p>


<p>I respectfully disagree with HappyCollegeMom’s advice on this one. Sorry HCM.</p>

<p>I’m afraid you’ve missed the “window” for this round of decisions. They’ve been made, and Notification Letters are being printed and stuffed. Sending UVa an email or a letter now would be like “firing a shot over the ocean at a barely visible target on the distant horizon” – you’re almost certain to miss your target and possibly waste your ammunition in the process of misfiring.</p>

<p>I’d save the information you have prepared as a “spare bullet” in case you’re Waitlisted. If you are asked to accept being placed on the UVa Waitlist, I would recommend you come up with an effective strategy to use the information you have saved in an effort to coax a favorable decision from UVa Admissions as part of the Waitlist Process.</p>

<p>Powderpuff, do you have an opinion on this question? If so, I’d appreciate hearing it. Thanks.</p>

<p>Send it again. You have nothing to lose :)</p>

<p>SEND not listen to hopefulhoo</p>

<p>IF you get waitlisted you can include it again (like a btw i have recently...)in the letter you send them saying u still want to go.</p>

<p>bottom line send it!</p>

I have to agree with HHD, in that I think it is probably too late to send your information in, without it maybe being a little irritating to the adcom>>who is tired and trying to wrap things up.
I think that the only way to influence them at this time is if your accomplishment is worthy in a worldly sense, for example: cure cancer, become a star Olympic athlete, or secure world peace.
The wait list should prove to be very interesting this year and you'll need to bolster arguments for your admission should you find yourself in this situation. Best of luck to you. I'm betting that decisions will be out Friday at 5 or 6 pm.</p>

Thanks for offering your advice on the OP’s dilemma. FWIW, I’m also guessing Dean J will inform us a little later this week that Notification Letters will be mailed on Friday, March 28th, with decisions being available on-line at 6:30 pm Friday evening. I suspect UVa is hoping to be able to get the decisions out on Friday so applicants will have the weekend to digest their results.</p>

<p>Regardless of whether D-Day is Friday or another day (the most likely second option would surely be Monday the 31st), one thing is certain: the weeks of waiting are almost over for UVa’s applicants for the Fall of 2008 incoming class. Soon most will know their fate, and they will be able to turn the page and move forward with the next chapter of their academic life.</p>

<p>I remember how tense my son was this time last year; and then how thrilled and relieved he felt when he at long last read the two words he had hoped and prayed to see on his UVa Status Page: Offered Admission. It was probably the happiest day of his young life; I had never seen him as excited as he was the moment he learned of his acceptance to the University. I imagine you, and many, many others in his class felt much the same way when you finally received the good news.</p>

<p>Best wishes to all of you who hope to spend your next four years at the University of Virginia!</p>

<p>HHD, you brought back some memories of that day. My computer wouldn't wouldn't work for whatever reason. I had to use my little brother's and it is awkwardly kind of low down on the ground. My Mom was with me, and she had to crouch down to see the screen, and when the screen did turn color and there in fairly small print was my status. She fumbled with her glasses as we read "offered admissions", and she fell off balance tumbling onto the carpeted floor! We were supposed to pack that night for a ski trip out west the next day to meet up with the rest of the family. We barely packed at all. We instead celebrated at a fancy restaurant. Good luck to everyone!</p>

<p>HHD and PP~ ok, you guys make sense. i respect the WAY you voice your disagreements...refreshingly so. so it seems the moderate position is to use the award IF one is waitlisted. makes sense. good luck, CAlove8!</p>

<p>I love the way all on this thread agree to disagree and move on. i so hope we are part of the this school next year. it is such a good fit for my son and the hs counselors agree. if we get the wrong decision, i won't be around again anytime soon since it will be more of a bitter pill for me more than him. good luck to all.</p>

<p>Now I think it is to late (lol, just stating the obvious).</p>