Is it worth the Risk?

<p>Currently in my 1st semester of upper division classes at CSU Chico as a Mechanical Engineering major. I want to transfer to Cal Poly as same major but none of my Engineering classes at CSU Chico will transfer over.</p>

<p>So im thinking about going to Cuesta JR College next semester and take two semesters of Engineering Classes there that do transfer to Cal Poly.</p>

<p>Problem is, if after two semesters at Cuesta I dont get in to Cal Poly then im back where I started and will have to go back to Chico State. </p>

<p>is it worth the risk of not getting into Cal Poly?</p>

<p>man i really wish Cal Poly had a transfer agreement with Cuesta</p>

<p>Are you aware there are accreditation issues with Cuesta? That might make it even more risky.</p>

<p>The reason Cal Poly SLO doesn't have a transfer agreement is they know out of area students would swarm Cuesta and use that to get in, so they just give a fair amount of points to students who went to the local area's high schools. </p>

<p>And Cuesta might lose their accreditation and not be open in Fall or you could attend in Fall and find they lost their accreditation.</p>