Is Lehigh a LGBT-friendly school?

I am thinking about applying to Lehigh. However, Bethlehem, or PA, is a really conservative city and state. I am not quite sure if I should apply for Lehigh. And I heard that discrimination actually happens in Bethlehem right? And it will be hard to find a job if I am a LGBT person?
so for the people who go to lehigh,what are your opinion?

I am also thinking about schools in LA or MA or NY. But I personally really like Lehigh U. So any advice? Should I go to UCSD, NYU, boston college instead?

Why do you personally like Lehigh? Why do you like the other schools? That’s going to require some honest thought and soul-searching about where you really want to be for four important years of your life. College is a great time and opportunity for a lot of growth and often some “golden years” in one’s life. Don’t trust someone on any anonymous board. I used to think it was a helpful place, but after an experience with someone that has the time to make 15K + (on threads about my alma mater, no less), it’s challenged my opinion of whether or not there is much honest help here.

I didn’t go to Lehigh, but my son does, and he loves it. He is quite outgoing and sociable, so when he arrived, he made friends and plans to go out and meet even more people. He would have done this wherever he went, whether it was Lehigh or somewhere else.

If you have the inner courage and confidence to go out and look for kindred spirits and people that you enjoy spending time with, you will find them. It is up to you, and you alone, to make the effort to put yourself out there. There will be some people that will like you, and some people that won’t…it’s the truth of living in society. It’s also the truth of wherever you matriculate.

Honestly, your first comment doesn’t seem at all like what I’ve heard about Lehigh or Bethlehem/Allentown. Who has told you that it’s conservative. And who has told you that discrimination happens in that town? Who, exactly, are you talking about?

The overall Lehigh atmosphere isn’t super LGBT+ diverse, but as an LGBT lehigh student, I’ve never felt discriminated against because of my LGBT identity.

We recently started a PRIDE housing option, which is perfect for trans/ gender non conforming students as it’s open to everyone (even freshmen!), and all the bathrooms are gender neutral!

I’m also in our student LGBT and ally group (called Spectrum) and it’s a great group of people! you should join if you choose lehigh!