Is my SAT score of 1970 enough for admission in University of Toronto?

I have got a SAT score of 1970:
Critical Reading: 560
Writing: 650 (Essay: 8)
Math: 760
I am studying in India and I got 10 CGPA in 10th standard. I have got 85% in 11th standard. I want to apply for Computer Science in University of Toronto. Is my SAT score enough? I am very good in academics. I am an NTSE scholar, which is a government of India scholarship. I have also won lot of national level olympiads. I am yet to write the SAT 2 and AP tests, but I expect 800 in all the SAT subject tests and at least 4 GPA in AP.

If you’re applying directly from India, you don’t need to do the SAT/SATII, etc, to the best of my knowledge:

If it turns out you do actually require a SAT score, you need at least 600 in each subject.

For computer science, your Indian course requirements are here:

Thank you. My total score is way above 1800, but my critical reading score is only 560, so do I repeat the test?