Is the male/female ratio noticeable at Bentley?


According to my freshman son, definitely noticeable. I even notice it while driving around campus - way more guys walking around.

I have a freshman girl and a senior boy at Bentley. The male / female ratio has never been a negative for either of my kids. Seems like a non-issue. Both my kids have a mixture of girl and guy friends at Bentley. My son’s girlfriend is also a Bentley senior. The education is stellar at Bentley, don’t get hung up on such a close male/female ratio. The 60/40 ratio is not really that noticeable.

I’m a current student at Bentley, and the ratio is not that noticeable unless you look for it.

If you’re in accounting, finance, or economics classes, you can expect there to be about 25 male students for every 10 female students in a class.

In marketing, actuarial science/math, and humanities courses, you’ll see many more female students.

~Current Student

Not an issue at all for my sophomore daughter majoring in accounting