Is the position of Secretary really that lame?

<p>Yesterday I told my mom that I was running for Secretary of my school's DECA club and she just gave me a pitying and/or mocking look and said "Not president?" I have my reasons for not running for president - I'm running for president and fundraising director in another club, I've only been in DECA for one year, and I believe I'll be able to handle and enjoy the responsibilities of the secretary more so than that of the president. Is my mother just being unsupportive, or is it the general consensus that Secretary is much inferior to other officer positions in high school organizations?</p>

<p>"is it the general consensus that Secretary is much inferior to other officer positions in high school organizations?"</p>

<p>I don't think so. First of all, being a secretary means that you're most likely taking up more responsibilities than someone who prefers to play no leadership role at all. Secondly, secretary does do a lot of work.</p>

<p>your mom is being unsupportive
resume to slap her</p>

<p>What about treasurers? No one seems to care about them either.</p>

<p>lol. the positions of President, VP, Secretary, and Treasurer are all very good. dont worry about those.</p>

<p>it's the positions of things such as Publicity, Historian, or Spirit that are horrible</p>

<p>Okay, thanks guys. I didn't want to be treasurer either, since my adviser specified the position as somewhat of a 'gofer' type of job, running to and from the administrative building, running errands for her, taking checks to the bank - stuff that doesn't seem very interesting to me. Secretary does meeting minutes, attends to emails, and plans and coordinates events; all things that I can take charge of. By the way, I WON the election, so I'm really happy. LOL truffliepuff, when I slap my mom, she slaps back.</p>

<p>I hope not, because I have been elected as the secretary for two different clubs next year...haha. Personally, I think it suits my skills better. I don't really see myself as a president.</p>

<p>And honestly, just because someone is the president doesn't mean they are actually the ones doing everything. The only officer in my school's National Art Honor Society who did anything worthwhile was the secretary. Imo, what position you get elected to is less important than what you actually do with that position.</p>