Is there ANYBODY who passed the Hagan Scholarship first round this year? (2020-2021)

Helppp, just let me know. I’m curious! I spent so much time on my application haha! I wrote 2000 words of essays, lol.

I noticed that their timeline updated to say that Finalists are requested for supplemental information in Jan 2021 so, is there anyone that has received an email yet?

And if you remember, did you include or excude the pages that explained the directions for how to write the essays? I’m worried I got disqualified for solely that reason…


I have not heard back, but I am wondering when they updated their website. Also I do not remember if I put the directions on top or not.

Ah… I checked an old archived version of the website in 2020 and it used to say that finalists were to be notified for supplemental information in February 2021 and even the brochure said that, so I thought that was interesting that it changed.

Let me know if you found out!

Hey! I actually heard back the other day that I’m a finalist, and I heard that another person did too!

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Oh dang that means I prolly did get selected ahahah I wish they would tell the people who didn’t

Omg! That’s exactly how I felt and the feeling was terrible… so my heart goes out to you :sob:

Its okay lol I got a full ride in December I just wanted to know asikfdjbkjsdabf that probably sounds awful

Also Congrats!!!

LOL awesome!! And thanks!! This is like the biggest scholarship I could /probably/ get at the moment and haaha it’s totally fine with me, not awful!! :laughing: