Is there racism between US citizen students and Vietnamese students?

I know this is a tough question but I love USA and my dream is to study in USA,and maybe living there. So I heard some of my friend said something like:" Students in US don’t like Vietnamese" or “US girls will never date an Asian boy”. Is that true,and what should I do to prevent that situation from me?

Um. No? Those are all stereotypes and generalizations. I would not let that be a big factor in making the life-altering decision of whether to move to the U.S. l m f a o.

There will always be people who won’t like you, but then there will be people who do as well. And yes, racism is a real thing here, just as it is everywhere else.

So not really sure what you’re getting at…?

Stereotypes goes both ways.
for example, when I came to USA(I apologize in advance), I thought all Americans were blue eyed blond. I was so wrong.

Even if you meet stereotypes, don’t deal with them all the time. Just brush it off or educate silly people who ask silly questinos.

One of my friends came to America from Vietnam 4 years ago. he’s now going to Pace university and joining the marines for ROTC. He made a lot of friends at my school and he experienced no racism. Well thats at a small diverse high school in a progressive area so I don’t know how u will fare at a university

Yup, mainly stemming from the better quality Pho Vietnam has.


There are many students of various backgrounds at many US colleges. If you want to meet/talk to/make friends with US students, then you have to do that and not only socialize with other Vietnamese or Asian students. All people gravitate toward people that speak the same language they do and have a similar cultural background…so it might seem that the Americans don’t interact with the Asians, for example, but really individuals from either group have to take the time and effort to interact with the other.

This is weird to me. I’ve never head anyone say anything degrading towards Vietnamese people in my life. Many Americans view Asia as China and India and forget everything else. If you were to face discrimination, I doubt it would be because of you being Vietnamese. It also depends on where you go. Rural areas tend to be less diverse, so you would be more inclined to face discrimination in those areas. Big cities, whether it be New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Atlanta, Nashville, or New Orleans, are less likely to have visible discrimination.