Is this a good ivy-league material juniro schedule?

<p>These are the classes I'll be taking as a junior. Are they any good for ivy leagues?</p>

<p>Semester 1:
AP Biology
AP Calculus (AB)
Finance & Investment
Marketing Management
Honors Financial & Managerial Account
Drama & Speech I</p>

<p>Semester 2:
AP Biology
AP Calculus
Microsoft Exel
Honors Finance & Managerial Account
Drama & Speech I</p>

<p>Psshh, you just misspelled junior. This thread has been emailed to HYP admissions officers and you will be blacklisted from all ivy leagues.</p>

<p>no. no foreign language or language arts. No history, and only 2 APs. a More standard schedule would be like AP Bio, AP Calc, AP US, AP Lang, & other AP (could double up with chem/physics or go for something like AP psych). The marketing and management/drama classes aren't looked upon as being solid/challenging courses.</p>

<p>I think it isn't bad difficulty-wise for a junior year schedule but yeah I'd fit in an English/foreign language class somewhere in there.</p>