Is this a reasonable excuse to only take 1 AP (graded class) junior year?

Hi guys! So I want to pursue pre-med in college and my magnet program (Academy of Health Professions) takes two periods out of my schedule. It’s cool that we get to intern at a hospital and that I took Anatomy and Physiology as a freshman, but then again I cannot take AP Biology until senior year (AP Chem is not offered). I can’t take AP Psychology because I chose Honors Spanish 4 instead. It’s too late to enroll in AP US History (and plus I’m not going to take something that won’t relate to my major) because I didn’t know it was only one period. The only AP test I took was AP Government and Politics freshman year only because it was free and I got selected; I barely managed to get a 4. My worst regret is dropping out of AP World History, but who needs that class? Next school year, I’m taking AP English Language and Composition and self-studying for AP Music Theory (might as well since I’m taking chorus and have perfect pitch).

My ECs will possibly include all county chorus (auditioning as a bass), drama club, volunteering at a hospital (hopefully), and I’ll have to look into National Honor Society. My cumulative GPA so far is 3.94 (unweighted).

P.S. My school offers 17 AP classes (of which 5 I am taking), which doesn’t mean I have to take them all.

They will understand schedule conflicts, and taking a magnet program. Dropping an AP won’t be looked favorably upon though. If APUSH is only offered one period and you have another necessary class that same period (schedule conflict) they will understand.

True, but dropping APWH and not taking APUSH will not bolster your application either.

For medical school, it does not matter at all what you take in HS.

It matters how you do in college.
You need to prepare yourself in HS for a college that is not too expensive (so you can save money for med school), not too difficult (so you can get a good GPA) but prepares you well for the MCAT and also the medical admissions process.

So if your academy program is helping you to find out if you really do like medicine,then that is a good thing.
What about AP Calc? I am pretty sure you need calc for medical school pre-reqs.

I wouldn’t drop an AP class if I were you. AP classes will help prepare you for what to expect in college. I think taking some type of AP math class next year will be extremely helpful (either AP Statistics or AP Calculus). Sure, you don’t have to take all of the AP classes offered at your high school, but dropping them will hinder you rather than help you. Honestly, I would probably add an AP class next year if you can (to go along with AP Lang & Comp and AP Music Theory). This way you’ll look competitive to college admissions, and you’ll be better prepared for when you go to college and med school.

Thanks for all the replies! Perhaps I was not clear enough and instead of taking AP World History, I took GT World History for the exact same weighted credit. Since I dropped out first quarter before report cards came out, there is hopefully no record on my transcript. Due to me selfishly wanting to take chorus again, my schedule is full for next year. I am taking Pre-Calculus GT and then AP Calculus AB senior year.

I cannot overload myself because I also plan to take the redesigned SAT and three SAT II Subject Tests (Spanish, Chemistry, Math II) and do extracurriculars/volunteering. By the way, my first choice is Johns Hopkins University, my second choice is Goucher College, and my third choice is University of Maryland College Park (I guess I am a legacy since my mom is an alumni).

Junior Year Schedule

Academy of Health Professions Magnet 3/4 (Honors)
GT Pre-Calculus
AP English Language and Composition
Honors Physics
Honors US History
Honors Spanish 4

Senior Year Schedule (tentative)

AP Biology (I have no idea if this is a two period class)
AP English Literature and Composition
AP Calculus AB
AP Spanish Language and Culture
Economics (0.5) / Health (0.5)
Chorus AND Guitar (I need some fun classes and I’ll just take psychology in college)