Is this a weak schedule

<p>Business Finance (4 Credits)
Principles of Management (4 Credits)

<p>I'm taking those three classes for sure. I don't know if I should take two more or just one more class. I want to join two finance clubs while I am there too. Right now I am signed up for 17 credits but I was thinking of dropping one and having only 13. Do you think that is too weak? </p>


<p>Classes I was thinking of taking:</p>

<p>Calculus 1 w/ analytical

<p>Do you think I should just take 4 classes or should I try and do 5 and still join the two clubs? I heard Management is easy and I am sure the transfer class will be easy as well. I don't need Calc 1 because I took the business calc already, but I just want to take it for me. I should be familiar with it too, so it shouldn't be that hard. I don't know anything about the Entrepreneurship or Statistics Business Decision.</p>

<p>Right now I am signed up for the three classes up top, Statistics Business Decision, and Principles of Entrepreneurship which is 17 credits.</p>

<p>17 is a bit high, 13 is a bit low, the cruelty of scheduling. I guess the best choice for you would probably be to analyze what classes you have left to take (I assume you have 4 semester remaining, since you're a transfer) and see if taking only 13 would adversely effect you. I don't know much about business classes (Business majors don't like me) so I can't give you much advice about the ins and outs of the specific ones.</p>

<p>This is definitely something you want to talk to an advisor about before consulting us.</p>