Is this possible? getting financial aid from 2 schools

<p>I am currently studing in nassau community college and i am going to a school in texas i am thinking of taking online classes at nassau at the same time(to fill some silly general requirements) .The tap grant is still showing up at nassau community college(state grant).Can i still get it if i am studying in texas?(getting pell from there)</p>

<p>No, TAP will not apply at any school other than the one you've matriculated at...and, of course, the school must be in NY. Before you actually receive TAP, the school would have to certify that you're enrolled in a degree-granting program. IIRC, part-time TAP requires a minimum of 6 credit hours and you have to have been a full time student for 2 or more consecutive semesters prior to requesting a part-time award...or something like that (random bits of info stick in my head for some reason!). Call HESC if you need clarification.</p>

<p>So why wouldnt tap still apply to the community college(which is in new york)? how do they know which school is the main one?</p>

<p>Talk to the financial aid/admissions people for your school. They'll be able to help you and might find a way to make it work.</p>

<p>Because you wouldn't be enrolled in a degree granting program if you're only taking a few gen eds, would you? They are going to ask the school to verify that you have been full-time for the previous 2 semesters. If you haven't, you'll have to submit transcripts from your current (OOS) school and they will obviously show your current enrollment there. </p>

<p>If you're thinking of trying to game HESC into giving you TAP, please don't. It's a small amount of money for part-time TAP and it doesn't pay quickly like full-time TAP, so it's likely that you would have to pay for coursework up front anyway.</p>