is this true?

<p>i know my source is a blog, but i was just wondering, if this statement has some credibility?
statement: In comparison, UVA received 11,415 early action applications for the roughly 3,300 seats in its freshman class
source: Mathacle's</a> Blog: Early App Numbers Increase for Class of 2016 at Georgetown</p>

<p>actually, does this mean that they are only accepting 3,300 applicants? or they are just planning to have 3,300 seats for the freshman class</p>

<p>I think the Georgetown representative in the blog is using a round number of 3,300 for the target size of the UVa class of 2016. The target for the class of 2015 was 3,360 (1). When they arrived in August the unofficial count for the class of 2015 was 3,450 (the official count was taken in October) (2). Only UVa admissions knows what the exact target size for the class of 2016 is at this point. My guess is it won't be released until regular decision offers are made in April.</p>

<li><p>Notes</a> from Peabody: The UVA Application Process: Admission statistics for the Class of 2015</p></li>
<li><p>Outstanding</a> Class Ready to Put Its Stamp on University of Virginia</p></li>

<p>The number of apps is on Dean J's blog: Notes</a> from Peabody: The UVA Application Process
You can see from Profile</a>, Admission Information, Undergraduate Admission, U.Va. there will likely be more than 3300 students by the end of regular decision. There is no minimum or maximum number of students admitted under EA.</p>

<p>Regarding how many students are admitted:</p>

<p>In general, we admit twice as many students as we need in the first year class. Obviously, students who get admitted to UVa are probably admitted to some other wonderful schools. Some opt to go elsewhere.</p>

<p>Form some data relevant to the targeted size for the Class of 2016, see UVa</a> developing strategy for increasing enrollment | Daily Progress, and IAS</a> Enrollment Projections. </p>

<p>The second link gives the most recent posted Board of Visitors approved enrollment plans. Those go through 2013, but they predate the plan announced last year to increase undergraduate enrollment by 1,400 between 2011 and 2014 or 2015. For a ballpark estimate of the targets for this admission year, one might take the BOV approved figure for 2012 of 3,310 and the proposed increases discussed in the Daily Progress article from last year.</p>