Is writing about taking fault for a car crash as a college supplement bad?

A college supplement I have asks what is something that caused me to change my perspective on an idea. I want to write about taking the fault for a car crash for my boyfriend because I knew it would ultimately impact him more than me, but I want to write about how it made me realize I need to put myself first and not over step boundaries and give too much of myself. Is that bad to write about? Would colleges think that is a bad and illegal thing? Please help!

It depends on how you come across. It’s more - you broke the law and even committed fraud by doing so - so how did that impact you, lessons learned, perspective, etc.

It could show growth - but did you go back to the insurance company, fess up, he lost his money, etc. because growth would be in correcting your wrong and I assume you don’t want to go there.

The topic can certainly work - but i’m not sure i’d go there…but you can definitely (IMHO) make it work - but you have to thread a needle.

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If you did something unethical, or illegal, I would not write about this.


I would not wrote about taking responsibility for something you didn’t do like a car crash. Really…all this should have taught you is not to lie…and really I’m not sure that should be the topic of an essay.

Surely you can think of something more positive about yourself.


Writing about why you lied about an important matter and likely committed fraud is a truly terrible essay topic.


Find another topic. Lying about a car crash is fraud. If there was a police report and insurance payment, it’s a crime.


And crushing to your parents as I’m sure your insurance rates went or or will at the next round if it was recent.

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Agree with all. I was saying if OP fessed up to the insurer and police, made it right with proper restitution the ‘perhaps’ it could work. Perhaps. And regardless it is the right but not easy thing to do.

Op - find something that excites you, influences or impacts you, that doesn’t come through in other parts of your app.

Good luck. This is a serious and likely criminal issue. I could see peer pressure likely involved here. You should fix, including with your parents, if you lied to them. Yea they will be furious but they’ll hopefully appreciate your honesty. . But hopefully you think b4 lying again. This was no small fib.

Good luck.

No. Absolutely not. This is material for your lurid memoir someday, but not material for a college admissions essay. Yes, it was a bad and illegal thing that you did. Writing about this for a college essay would be shooting yourself in the foot, when it comes to applications.

I hope that you have realized what you’ve done, the harm you’ve done to yourself, and to your parents. This is the sort of thing that people go into therapy for, to help them to understand why they would have done such a foolish thing, and help them to recognize the danger signals so that they never put themselves in such a position again.

Choose another topic to write about.


Please understand that a college essay is not meant to be a soul baring exercise. IMO the goal of the essay should be to: 1) provide positive information about yourself that is not found elsewhere on the application; and 2) to give admissions officers a reason to want to bring you onto their campus.


You would be basically saying that you are a dishonest person. Is that how you wish to present yourself to a college?

Pick another topic.