ISEE test 2021

Hi everyone!
DD is signed up to take the ISEE in June 2021. Will these scores be acceptable for the fall 2021 applications. We are planning to apply to the ten schools.
Additionally, with test optional this year for most schools what are your thoughts on submitting scores of 7,8,9s to these schools?

Are you sure those schools are test optional for the upcoming admission cycle? Based on what we have seen in the schools kiddo2 will be applying to, most are still requiring test scores.

We attended Hotchkiss virtual session and they said they are test optional this year as well.

It will be interesting to see how this shakes out. Most schools don’t have their updated application information up online yet, but the ones we are looking at, including 2 from TSAO, imply that test optional was only for last year.

As far as timing for the ISEE, I’m really not sure. But I’m pretty sure the SSAT has to be taken after August 1st.

I called Exeter a few minutes ago. They said test should be taken after Jul 1. They arent sure if they’ll be test optional this year. Website should be updated on Jul 1

Why the ISEE and not SSAT?. It is not the same test and BS prefer SSAT. A local day school will usually take the SSAT. BS are not discussed in terms of ISEE.

Make sure you are taking it in the right time frame.

I was told ISEE and SSAT are both acceptable by BS. ISEE is the test she is familiar with and thats what she prefers.

I am not sure who told you that but most BS strongly prefer SSAT and the discussions on this board are going to center around SSAT. You should double check the requirements at every school. We were familiar with ISEE too but switched.

If the school accepts either, then they have no preference. And taking one vs the other will not be the reason for a rejection. The argument is as silly as those on the college forums that say X College prefers SAT (or ACT).

Now if the school only accepts SSAT, the point is moot.