Israeli-American Scholarships?

Does anyone know of any scholarships for Israeli citizens in America for undergraduate studies?

@zaltsmanben Maybe there is something for Jewish students also. But what are your stats and major?

Some Israelis are Arab or other minorities, so there theoretically could be different ethnicity-based scholarships.

But perhaps the main question would be, are you also a US citizen or permanent resident, or an international student? Scholarships in general (whether or not ethnicity-based) at US universities or from outside organizations are much more readily available to US citizens and permanent residents compared to international students.

@gearmom @ucbalumnus Major: Physics or Electrical Engineering, Stats: 95.4 GPA (w), 1510 SAT (new)
I’m a Dual Citizen for Israel and the USA.

@zaitsmanben You’d get a 100% full tuition merit scholarship at the University of Alabama Huntsville bringing your cost to 15-17k.

Huntsville, Rocket City is a good tech city, second largest tech and research park in US,_Alabama

At University of New Mexico, you’d be competitive for the Regents Scholarship (Full tuition plus full room & board)

This is a competitive scholarship with applications due December 1.

Also at UNM, you would be guaranteed the Amigo Scholarship (OOS tuition reduction) that would put your COA at ~$17K.

UNM has good physics & EE depts (ask me about the physics dept–D1 is a UNM physics grad). NM is home to 2 National Research Labs (Sandia and Los Alamos) and 2 military research labs (Phillips Air Force Research Lab in Albuquerque and White Sands in Alamogordo). Plus Intel has major facility in town. Lots of internship possibilities.

Another possibility would be NM Tech–small engineering college in Socorro, NM (which shares its campus and facilities with National Radio Astronomy Observatory if you’re into astronomy or astrophysics. The Tech students have their own student-run radio telescope.) Tech offers OOS tuition remission (Tech’s tuition, fees plus room & board ~$14K annually) and several levels of scholarships. You’d qualify for the Presidential Scholarship which is $4K annually, putting your costs at about $10/year.

Large scholarship listings, not specific to any ethnicity or nationality (other than US):

Verify on college web sites, since some may have changed.

@ucbalumnus that yolasite link hasn’t been updated in years…YEARS. Some of those scholarships don’t exist at all anymore…and some have been reduced. In some cases the criteria for receiving has changed as well.

Here is the link to the more recent list. It is as if 2017. But still check each college website.

You are a US citizen applicant for financial aid purposes. If you have been educated abroad, you need to contact the admissions offices at the places you are applying to, and ask them what you need to do. Do not be surprised if each place tells you something different. Just do what A wants for A and what B wants for B and you will be fine.