ISSYP 2020

Hi everyone! I didn’t see a discussion for ISSYP 2020 yet so I decided to create one. The deadline was earlier this week. Did anyone apply? If so, where are you from?

Hi! I applied from Singapore/Indonesia (although I’m Dutch)! I’m really nervous since I’ve read the program is very competitive.

Wow that’s really far away! I guess having people from all over the world is one of the things that makes the program so amazing. What part of physics are you most interested in? For me, it’s cosmology but I’m super interested in pretty much everything ISSYP covers. Good luck to you in admissions!

I’m also really interested in cosmology and the fields connected to it! I really like all the research initiatives at Perimeter, though. Hopefully, I end up there one day :smile: haha. Good luck to you too! Just a question, did you have a lot of physics-related work experience, clubs or research? Since I’m a foreigner and I do a lot of sports, I can’t attend any :frowning: I hope they will understand, but I’m still pretty scared.

I didn’t have a ton of physics-specific stuff but I had a decent amount of research, space-related stuff, and school/outside STEM activities–I’m not sure if that will be enough though. I tried to convey my passion for physics through my essay and I hope I was successful :smiley: but I guess we’ll see. I’m really hoping the program doesn’t cancel due to Covid-19 as I know other programs have and Perimeter Institute has already canceled some activities in June. On the bright side, maybe less people applied this year because they thought it would cancel?

:frowning: Yeah, I hope Perimeter doesn’t cancel :frowning: but travel could be a big problem for international kids. Also, this thread isn’t as popular as the 2019 thread, but I’m not sure if that means anything…
As for my essay, I wrote really honestly, and from passion as well, I hope it shines through! As for physics-related stuff, I did mention physics books/authors I’ve enjoyed and a summer physics course I took in Canada last summer. Do you have any friends applying?

I definitely found it weird that no one created a thread for ISSYP 2020 until I did, so you’re right on that point! And, as far as I know, none of my friends applied to this program. What about you?

Hey guys! I applied this year, I’m from the UAE. I’m super nervous, does anyone know the acceptance rate? Furthermore, yes, I hope they don’t cancel the program!! Although it would be very difficult for international kids to come if accepted given the current circumstances, me included!! Hopefully by then the covid-19 situation settles, and even though it’s very difficult to get accepted, I really hope I get a spot and am able to come for this amazing program! Anyway, if anyone knows the acceptance rate please let me know!

Hi guys!
I applied this year too! I’m from India, and I am very passionate about theoretical physics, especially general relativity. It’s gonna be very disheartening if the program gets cancelled, but there’s nothing we can do about it. Nevertheless, let’s keep our hopes high!

Last year’s ISSYP forum had an alumnus say the overall acceptance was ~4%, and certainly lower for international applicants. No word yet this year on how many applications they received, but no doubt it will still be extremely competitive. Good luck to all of us!

@utkarshbajaj03 and @australianboa what kind of physics experience did you discuss in your application and what areas of physics are you most interested in? How did you find out about the program?

@thethirdnarwhal Oh my - that’s extremely competitive!! Best of luck to everyone :slight_smile:

@thethirdnarwhal I wrote about books/documentaries and non-fiction shows that I have read and watched, along with explaining my interest since I was a child. I’ve also watched many shows that link math to physics so I thought it was worth mentioning that too. As for experience - I don’t have much, unfortunately, but I am a member of a government licenced astronomy group here in Dubai, which I mentioned in my activities, not in my essay.

Areas of interest - I would say probably cosmology, black holes, dark matter and general relativity. I was so fascinated when I saw that participants are taken to SNOLAB. That’s so cool!! I would really love to visit.

I found the program after literally typing on google; best physics summer programs for high school students.

Hope that answers all your questions hahaha :slight_smile: wbu, how did you find out about the program and where are you from btw?

@australianboa I honestly can’t remember how I found ISSYP lol… it’s always just been something I dreamed of doing :smiley: and I’m from the United States!

@thethirdnarwhal hahah nice to meet you I guess :slight_smile: Good luck with everything, stay safe!!

@australianboa good luck to you too! Hope to see you in Waterloo this summer :smile:

You stay safe too! <3

@thethirdnarwhal I have read many physics books/watched many documentaries and binged on PBS SpaceTime, but I focused my essay mainly on my knowledge in general relativity. I spent months learning all the math of GR(General Relativity), and then finally wrote a book on it which is currently being published. Writing a book on a major topic in physics not only imparted mathematical skills, but also gave me invaluable insights as to how Einstein’s ideas were so vital to the ultimate theory of gravity. It was these ideas I talked about in my essay.

@utkarshbajaj03 That’s really cool! Hopefully someday I get a chance to read your book. Best of luck to you on ISSYP admission!

@thethirdnarwhal Thank you! What about you I would love to hear about your interests! Btw I just received an email saying that ISSYP is shifting to an online alternative! However, it also says that students not residing in the north, central or south American time zones will not receive further program communication. I don’t know if it means whether I will be unable to participate (I’m from India) because it doesn’t explicitly mention that in the email. Let me know what you all think!

@utkarshbajaj03 Hey, I got the email too. Unfortunately, it means that the program has been cancelled other than for students living in North and South America, and they will have an online program. It’s really disappointing but I guess it’s for the best, given the current circumstances.

@thethirdnarwhal Since you’re from the States I’m pretty sure they will still be considering your application for the online program. Since it’s only for a specific region now, you may have a higher chance of getting in. I really hope you do, I’m rooting for you!! <3 Best of luck!! Let us know how it goes :slight_smile: