Ithaca EA 2025

Does anyone know when EA decisions start coming out?

My daughter applied for ED- still waiting, although deadline to hear about acceptance is December 15. I don’t know if anyone else has already heard? We are from Canada so we have very little experience- do they send the acceptances for ED/EA all at once or rolling? Is it different this year bc of covid?

We are waiting on an EA response. It would be nice to know if anyone has gotten any letters? My D’s friend heard back from Penn State this week.

My older son applied to Ithaca Early Action back in 2017 and he got his acceptance on November 17th (which was way earlier than we expected to hear). My younger son has applied Early Action this year and we’ve heard nothing. So maybe things are happening later this year.

My son applied EA on 11/23. No word yet.

My daughter got her acceptance today!

Congrats! When did you submit?

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We submitted on September 18 as Early Decision

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@Jjamensky How did you get the acceptance? Email, Portal, US Mail?

She got an email to say her portal had been updated

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Has anyone else heard anything? S applied EA on Nov 1.

Nada. Applied EA 11/23

I think they state “by Feb. 1”

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Yes but I think it can be sooner. When my older son applied, I seem to remember decisions coming out in a couple of waves. I was just curious if any EA had gone out. It looks like someone upthread heard about ED.


It seems like they sent out ED acceptances late this year. Maybe due to covid?? Likely will be the same for EA

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DS applied 9/22 for EA and has heard nothing.

DS got in today, EA



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When did she apply and CONGRATULATIONS :tada:

Thanks! He applied in late September

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