It's amazing how hard it is to buy an endangered animal.

<p>Seriously, no one is selling a mountain gorilla.</p>

<p>I'm kind of mad.</p>

<p>My friend got two illegal turtles last month.</p>

<p>Try Chinatown.</p>

<p>^Ehhh I’m looking for something a little bigger and more destructive, but thanks.</p>

<p>My point was, if they have turtles, they may have gorillas, or animals of that ilk.</p>

<p>Oh? I’ll have to look into this. I’m looking for something totally bad ass to roll around town with.</p>

<p>And transportation is not going to be easy if I’ll have to go there myself to get it as opposed to it being delivered to my house in a crate or something. Anyone have any ideas?</p>

<p>Get an invisibility cloak for your endangered animal. It’ll come to be useful in the future too.</p>

<p>I don’t know if I can afford one of those right now. Maybe I’ll just rent it.</p>

<p>Mmm, I didn’t know they were expensive. Well, renting one can always work. Have you figured out how to get it home?</p>

<p>Oh yeah, incredibly. There’s no way I can afford both the cloak AND the animal.</p>

<p>And no, not yet. :frowning: I was thinking private jet, but none of my friends have one they would let me borrow for a day for free.</p>

<p>And I still have to actually find and buy the gorilla, so yeah. That’s where I stand as of now.</p>

<p>Mountain gorrilas live in the volcanic regions of central Africa. You can always apparate there and invite one home to live with you, I guess…</p>


Oh, I know, and a partridge in a pear tree too!</p>

<p>Haven’t gotten my apparation license yet. Failed the first time I took it…</p>

<p>However, I am up for paying a bounty hunter to go get one for me.
Or maybe asking the mafia. I have a lot of family in Italy. They owe me a favor, iykwim. ;)</p>

<p>“My point was, if they have turtles, they may have gorillas, or animals of that ilk.”</p>

<p>I’m not seeing the logic.</p>

<p>^ Don’t you know that turtles:gorillas::bread:butter</p>

<p>^Uh, no, bread and butter are in totally separate parts of the store.</p>

<p>I was about to lol at something someone said, but it just vanished :/</p>

<p>But bread and butter are always in the same store.</p>