IU Basketball beats #1 Kentucky!

<p>What a finish!!! At the buzzer!!! This team has come so far since the Samson embarrassment. Tom Crean is a class act and a great coach. The court is still covered with fans. :)</p>

<p>Any current students at the game?</p>

<p>No but as a grad I was thrilled to see that finish! Off to a great start!</p>

<p>It was crazy! Unfortunately, I learned first hand some of the dangers of court rushing. But the bruises will go away!</p>

<p>I just realized that in my OP I didn't give any credit to the team! Lots of talent on the floor and, from what I understand, next year's recruiting class is great too.</p>

<p>Here's a pic of the pandemonium after the game:</p>

<p>Final:</a> Indiana 73, Kentucky 72 | Sports | Indiana Daily Student</p>

<p>It was the best sporting event I have ever seen in person. I had front row student tickets against the railing, and storming the court was remarkable. Sure, it could have been extremely dangerous, but with everyone on an emotional high- it was all instinct!</p>

<p>For all those prospective IU students, this is a great time to be a Hoosier. Our next recruiting class is fantastic.</p>

<p>Great start, great game. There's definitely something good is going on among the team-members. They all seemed fired up for the game. </p>

<p>There's a guy from Kentucky named Willie Cauley. Great lad who is fun to watch.</p>

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