IU Bloomington Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

Congratulations! Did he have to petition for Kelley direct admit?

IS SSA only for Indiana resident. Any idea what the criteria is.

No my daughter is OOS and was invited to apply for SSA

Do you mind sharing your daughter’s stats. Mine got direct admit to Kelly and Dean’s scholarship for $7K/year. We were hoping to get some more money so we dont end up spending fortune on it. She really wants to go to Kelly
Was your daughter invited to apply via email?

Yes she also got the deans scholarship and got an email invite to apply for the SSA and also got an acceptance to the Hutton Honors college. 4.1 WGPA/3.98 30 ACT. Hope that helps. Her older brother is a sophomore at Kelley too. Not sure if that’s where she’ll end up as she’s waiting on a number of other schools. However Kelley is her best undergrad business option!

Son just got email he got into Kelley about 10 mins ago.
IU Application submitted 10/12
Kelley Petition filed 10/29
Accepted to IU 11/5
Petition accepted 1/13
OOS NY; 3.8/1330 SAT (submitted)


DS petition for Kelley approved. Went to Spam this morning, so make sure to be checking that! OOS NY/ 3.7/ 1320. Applied to IU end of Oct, Kelley petition submitted end of November. Had already received $6000/ year scholarship from IU. VERY happy and excited.


Congrats! Did your status update on the portal from Pre-business to Business Undergrad? My D received an email yesterday about the Kelley direct admit petition approval but the status has not updated on the portal yet.

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Thanks! I heard it takes a couple of weeks for the portal to update - just checked and it still says Pre-business. Maybe check again sometime next week? Congrats to your D too!

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