IU Bloomington Kelley Class Size

I recently got accepted to Kelley for undergrad. I have been doing more research on the school to make sure it’s the one for me. I was wanting to know more about the class sizes. I know most public school have really big classes. I want to know how easy it is to communicate with professors, and if they are mostly lecture style classes.
Basically, I just want more information on class teacher to student ratios, and the ability to have more direct communication with professors.
Any and all information will be useful. Thanks!

My son was a 2018 graduate of Kelley and he said that amount of students per class varies on which class that you take. If it’s a basic accounting class that everyone has to take then it could be 150 students. When you get too what you are majoring in it’s 25-30 students. And he said the discussion part of classes had approximately 30 students. He never had a problem talking to the professor when he needed to. They are very accessible. When you get to I-Core he said that you will work your ass off and that you will be enjoying the challenge while you are doing it. He also said that you will be glad when it’s over as well. If you get into Kelley Honors then the class sizes will be smaller. He got an interview for Honors but did not get in. I think that you need a 3.7 GPA for an interview and they only take about 30% or so. I hope that this helps you and if someone else has any other information then please share it. Good Luck with whatever decision you make.