IU Kelley Petition Tracker 2022

Created this thread to track kelley petitions. Information from the petition website is below.

Direct Admission Criteria

  • Earned the required test score:
    a composite ACT score of 30, or
    an SAT score of 1370 (Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and Math)
    *Earned a cumulative GPA of 3.8 on a 4.0 scale in high school. We will use the highest GPA that is sent to IU Admissions from your official high school transcript. In most cases this is the weighted GPA.

Petition for Kelley Direct Admission

If you do not meet the admissions criteria above or missed the November 1 application deadline, you must request approval for direct admission to Kelley. This is called a petition and we encourage you to make the effort—more than 65% of submitted petitions are approved and the process takes just 10 minutes to complete.

The Kelley Admissions team does not inform students that they did not meet the criteria for direct admission. If you did not meet the requirements, the Kelley School does not know you’re interested in direct admission unless you petition.

Typically most competitive petitions exceed the direct admission criteria in either test scores or GPA. For instance, a student might have a 3.9 GPA or 32 ACT.

The middle 50% of approved petitions for fall 2020 were:

  • GPA: 3.70 to 4.0
  • SAT superscore (Math and Evidence-Based Reading & Writing): 1290 to 1390
  • ACT superscore (Composite): 28 to 32
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Has Kelley made any decisions about petitions yet?

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Yes they have started sending out.

I believe a handful of people have reported getting admitted through petitions on the other thread. I think 2-3 people. Two in late November and one last Wednesday, I think. I have not seen any other petition results this week.

GPA: UW=3.831 W=4.125
SAT/ACT: no test
Date Petitioned: Oct 18
Date Accepted to Kelly: Nov 19

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Date Applied: November 8 (missed deadline)
Notification Date: Awaiting

35 ACT, 4.02 W GPA, 3.90 UW GPA

I submitted a petition on nov 14th because I did not submit any test scores, and was accepted to Kelley on Dec 3rd

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Is it confirmed that they take highest GPA from transcript? I read on another thread that they recalculate it.

I think they take whichever GPA is higher which in most cases is the weighted GPA, so I think that is the one they are talking about

So it’s taken right off transcript. They don’t recalculate anything

Yes - my son received his acceptance yesterday direct admit to Kelley. He applied to Indiana on 10/8, was accepted to IU on 11/6, petitioned on 11/20 and received Kelley acceptance on 12/9.

Congrats! please share his stats!

Submitted Petition on 10/07
Accepted into IU on 10/28

Stats: 3.83 Weighted GPA and 1310 SAT

Still no response from Kelley! Should I be concerned?

Their website says they will respond by january 28.

January 28, 2022
Priority deadline notification
If you petition by December 17, you will receive a direct admission decision by 5 p.m. ET on January 28, 2022.

My daughter is similar. 4.15 gpa, 1300 SAT. Petitioned 2 months ago, and still waiting. I’m regretting encouraging her to send her scores. I’ve heard of people with lower gpas getting direct admit with test optional. Best of luck to you, please update when you hear!


i have the same weighted gpa as you and did not submit act/sat and I was accepted via petition! you should don’t be worried!

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When did you receive the acceptance of your petition? We are still waiting with a 3.87 gpa and 29 ACT.

This is actually what worries me…another test optional acceptance. Those of us who have been waiting a while submitted scores. Congrats to you, though!

3.87 gpa and 1350 SAT. Submitted petition 9/28 and still waiting for a response.

Submitted petition on 10/28; Accepted on 11/2; 3.85(UW); no test scores; still waiting for response