IU Kelley test score question

I am currently a junior in HS, on track to finish with a very high class rank/GPA. I do have a concern about my test scores though.

As far as the SAT goes, I have a 1540 superscore. However, I tried the ACT on a whim and got a 31 first try, which would not be a problem had I not sent it to IU on accident.

So, will my standing for scholarships and programs, specifically the Kelley ACE program, be affected if I don’t raise my ACT score? I am not sure if I should try the ACT again and send that to IU to raise my 31 or if I should just stay put.

I think you are fine. They will look at the highest of the two, SAT or ACT, and base any qualifications off of that score. Typically they ignore the others.

They will take your top score. I wouldn’t worry about the test score because 31 is still a great score. If you decide to take the ACT again, they will ignore your first score. I’m not sure how much the ACE program takes ACT scores into account. For reference, I was in the ACE Program this year with a 34, however I received a 31 before and they ignored it. Regardless, it wouldn’t hurt to take it again.

ACE is non super scored and they cut off at 3.9 UW GPA/1540/35 - and have to interview - am on waiting list.

How do you know it’s non-superscore?

Just emailed the ACE office. The test scores ARE superscored.

hmmm…was what I was told…mine was 35 non super scored and wait listed for ACE

I had a 35 non super-scored and a 1520 superscored. My GPA was nowhere near a 3.90 UW though and I got off the waitlist.

anybody know how many people were offered to apply to ACE?