Ivy League Applicants from India Class of 2024

Hello everyone,

This is the Ivy Applicants from India 2024 group. Feel free to share/ask/help …

Okay so this is a chance me
SAT 2: physics-720, biologyE-730

ecs :

  1. MUN(hmun-OD, a few other awards) I don’t like this EC because literally everyone and it’s very overrated
  2. Research- with my Physics teacher, we won an intl award for it.
  3. Founded an organization for LGBT+ advocacy. We write articles and send help to kids who are confused about their sexuality.
  4. Started a chapter of an NGO that helps women with menstrual health.
  5. Founded a website for young people to share their views(i know it sounds vague lol)
  6. Aeronautics Olympiad


  1. NSO, IEO( I heard these don’t count for much though)
  2. First place aeronautics Olympiad (national level)
  3. HMUN OD
  4. Bronze medal in the university physics competition

Recs: physics and chemistry teachers(they seem to like me. I hope they write me good recs)

where do you plan to apply and for what major?

Oh boy, here we go. BTW I am an Indian who lives in america but doesn’t have a green card so I am considered an international RIP lol. Chance me pls:

SAT: 1530 750EBR, 780M
SAT 2: Chem 780, Bio-E 780, Math L-2 800
Rank 2/197
GPA: 4.92 W, 4.00/4.00 UW

AP Classes:
Taken: AP Bio: 5, AP Chem: 4, AP Calc BC: 5, AP Physics 1: 4, AP Comp Sci A: 4, AP Research: 4, AP Seminar: 5, AP Human Geo: 5, AP Stats: 4, AP USH: 4, AP English Language: 5
Taking: AP Macro, AP German, AP Physics 2, AP Comp Sci Principles, AP US Government


  1. FIRST Robotics Competition. Awards: World Championship Quarter Finalist Captain, Regional Finalists, Deans List Finalist. Role: Technical Lead, Co-president.
  2. The Hut Project. Essentially my friends and I have constructed a hut in the woods and we integrate modern technology into it such as solar panels etc.
  3. Penn State University Labteching. I work under a chemistry professor at penn state and we are revising and improving local chemistry curriculum in our counties by adding labs and other cool stuffs.
    4.FIRST Lego League and FIRST Lego League Jr. Mentor. Mentor elementary school kids about STEM and compete in LEGO League tournaments.
  4. Science Olympiad. President of the Club. We compete every year, won regional awards in thermodynamics and biology etc.
  5. Math Club. Secretary, we compete in the math bowl and also we solve calculus based proofs for the sheer fun of it.
  6. Bread Club. Breadident(President lol). Started out as a meme club between some friends but somehow eventually got to the point that we have bread drives and stuff for helping homeless people. Still one of the best things that happened in high school.
  7. Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science. Did an ecology project on salination pollution and its effects on daphnia magna populations in freshwater ecosystems. Won a 1st award at regionals and a 2nd award at states.

I think I listed 'em in EC’s ooof. Also got summa cum laude for “good academics.” National AP Scholar, Capstone Scholar, [some other AP awards that dont mean much to me or the colleges I am applying to]. Ye that’s about it.

Rec 1: Statistics Teacher, 9-10/10. Knew for all 4 years, also was a robotics mentor so he knows me way too much.
Rec 2: Chemistry Teacher, solid 10/10. Knew for all 4 years, a lot of people who go to ivy’s, mit, stanford, duke, etc. from our school got rec’s from him. I am also very good friends with him.

Colleges I am applying to: Yale SCEA (I hope, I really hope), Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Amherst, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Lehigh, Tulane, Bucknell, Colgate, Dartmouth, Cornell, Georgia Tech, Penn State University Park, University of Pittsburgh, and Purdue.

Good Luck to you all. Lets yeet this wheat 2024.

@theperilist I think that you have a decent chance to get in to some colleges. Ivies are hard but your SAT is pretty epic, idk abt your SAT 2’s tho, kinda meh but still decent. Your EC’s seem really good and that physics award should come in clutch. I am a student so take my chancing of you with a grain of salt. Also what school are u applying to?

Research in physics with an award, bronze in university physics competition, first in aeronautics, but 720 in SAT Physics. That does not add up. Either dont send that 720 or retake it.

What do you want to major in?

This is me:
SAT : 1520( 720 + 800[math]); 6/5/6 in essay
Will be taking Physics SAT(Confident of scoring 750+) and TOEFL(will get around 110).
ISC curicullum, top 3 in class
97.2 in ICSE class X boards
around 95% predicted for class 12 ICS examinations

Intended majors:
Computer Science(AI or Data Science preferred)
Physics(Astro or quantum is preferred)

MUNs with awards
Debates & Quizzes
Regional winner of TCS IT Wiz Quiz and National Safety Science Quiz.( Took part in national finals of both)
School gold medalist in IMO, NSO, NSTSE, NCO, IEO in 9th/10th(Does it matter?)
Lots of volunteer social work
District level badminton player
school level soccer player
Indian classical vocalist, passed 3 levels of certification examinations with distinction(i also sing “western” songs)
won a science competition for an innovative “invention” (Computer based)
2 time Prefect (Leadership??)

Got my Math and Physics teachers to write RECs, which will hopefully be strong.

chance me :smile:
what is the best uni i could get into for the intended majors?
any general advice?

thanks in advance

would really appreciate any inputs at the earliest

I’m currently in class 11.

9th: 97.3%
10th: 96.8%
11th: expect around 95%

APs: Calculus BC, Physics C- Mech and E&M, Chemistry (probably 4 or 5 in all)

NTSE Scholar
(Expected) KVPY Fellow
Twice awarded Academic Excellence Scholarship by SOF (only 1 student per class per zone is given)
Allen Champ AIR 8
About 20 or so top 100 AIRs in Olympiads by SOF, Silverzone etc. (inlcuding 3-4 of top 20)
City topper twice in IIT-G Technothlon (Top 100 AIR)

Cambridge FCE- 189/190
Cambridge CPE- 225/230

Expected SAT: 1550+

Research paper in maths; attended National Maths Conference
Student government- Prefect (House Captain) thrice
Student Journalism- School Magazine Editor, Part of school team which produced special edition of Times NIE
Quizzing: Participated for 7 years; Won many prizes including 1st at National School Quiz at IIT-B and BournVita Quiz City Finale; Organized quizzes at my school
Debating and MUNning- won several awards (3yrs)
School football Team (5 yrs)

Major: Computer Science

Financial aid: Yes, I need this…

Dream: MIT, Stanford

Reach: Carnegie Mellon, Princeton, Cornell, Caltech, Yale, Harvard

Safety: UCB, UIUC, UT Austin, UMich

Can someone please advise me what chance my current profile stands at getting me in?

You definitely need to redefine your definition of safety schools man. There’s no way UT Austin is a safety if you’re an international. And need I say more about UC Berkeley ?

This ^^^^ significantly reduces your chances at all of the schools that you’ve listed. Apparently you didn’t research the cost of the schools and whether or not they provide financial aid to international students.

Safeties? You also don’t realize how tough those publics are to gain admission if you are NOT a resident. Even tougher if you’re going for the CS impacted major.
Where did you get this list from?

A safety school is a school where you would be easily admitted, happy to attend, and affordable.

If you need financial aid, you’re currently able to afford $65,000 a year for UC Berkeley?

See, with research, you would have discovered that most public universities charge full fees to non-residents because the “State” provides funds for the public school, for its’ residents. Priority admission goes to those residents. If you are not a resident, you’re not entitled to state funding.

Look at the tuition and fees pages of each of the universities that you hoped to attend. Then look at their financial aid and see if they fund international students. That should narrow your list.

Anyone from India gotten into ivy schools early?

Well, I admit my ignorance about the aid to non-residents part. Based on my profile could you suggest some other alternatives I should consider? Also, I think I have a chance of getting a top 1000 rank in IIT-JEE so I want to make sure that all universities I apply to have significant benefits over the IITs and are worth the extra effort and expenditure.

Has anybody got an interviews from any Top Universities for the RD round?

@maddy09 Princeton (ED) & Dartmouth (RD). Haven’t heard from any other school yet and considering that it’s Feb 13, I seriously doubt that we will get an interview from any college now.

Hey, I’m super-nervous.
Can anyone chance me?
I’ve applied to Duke RD, Northwestern RD, Harvard and Yale RD (At least two rejection letters are confirmed :D)
Inteneded Major: CS at all places, Duke Pratt School and Northwestern Mcormick
Applied for Financial Aid
1420 SAT(only gave once), 88.4% expected CBSE Board Percentage
SAT Subject: Math2: 800, Physics:790
AP CS A: 4

  1. Paid intern at a startup: taught coding online for about 6 months (got a glowing LOR from the employer)
  2. Supported Ministry of Railways with one of their meets(helped them with the graphics)
  3. Founded the Editorial Club at my previous school
  4. Taught at an NGO for two years as a core volunteer
  5. Got a scholarship by Coursera for a course on Deep Learning (The Andrew Ng one from DeepLearning.AI)
    6.Was State rank 11 and top 100 nationally at an informatics olympiad
  6. Awards at Multiple MUNs (One of them a reputed State level MUN: Best Delegate)
  7. Others were not any special
    LOR: Computer Science Teacher, Math Teacher (also happens to be the school principal) , English Teacher at Previous School, Employer, Head of NGO. Enjoyed a good rep with all of them so shall be good. (Couldn’t send all of them to all schools since they had a limit on the number of recs I can send but the LOR from CS teacher, Math Teacher and Employer has been sent everywhere)

I got interviews from Princeton, Stanford and UPenn. I am pretty sure they don’t mean anything. My stats are a bit “Meh” compared to others here!

1500 SAT
96.8% in 10th and 10 CGPA in 9th
83.8% in 11th and 12th Predicted is 95.6%…

Most Extracurriculars are intraschool/Inter-school! Part of student council, etc.

National level group discussion, quizzes, etc.

I am pretty confident about my Essays and LoRs! Hope to see y’all at an Ivy this year!!

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What were your results in these?

Did anyone apply to Brown?