Ivy League Views On IB ESS?

Hey everyone!

I’ll try to keep this short but basically I’m a future international student about to take the IB who would like to apply to the Ivy League in future:

I’m very inclined towards the sciences so my HL subjects are Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, however I’m considering taking ESS as my humanities but I’ve heard a few times that since it’s viewed as a ‘soft’ subject universities don’t really like it. As someone who is hoping to major in a science at a competitive university I was wondering if I would be at a disadvantages when applying if I took ESS (does anyone have any personal experience?).

Sorry this is so long but thanks so much for reading :slight_smile:

ESS is a soft subject. It’s not necessarily going to tank your application, but if you’re looking for very competitive schools they like to see diversity and uniqueness in applicants - they have plenty of people strong in math physics chemistry… I would advise you to take something else, especially if you’re an international student - where the stereotype is you’re very good at math/science but horrible at english. Maybe take history?