Jacobs string program

Hello ,
Anyone know how good the Jacobs String program compared to Julliard or NEC?

Does IU allow a music major to take interesting classes in math or programming?

Jacobs music program is one of the best in the country. Yes, you are allowed and encouraged to study other subjects. Beautiful campus.

All of the schools are different. It’s a matter of finding the right teacher, the right fit. Living in NYC can be very expensive. Juilliard is fabulous, of course, and you’ll network with some of the finest in the world. IU is a large college, in the midwest, where you can study many things besides music. They have many ensembles.

NEC is also small, and a fabulous program.

Thank you BooMimiMommy!
Do you know anyone that is pursuing a BM at IU and taking classes in other subject areas? What are the other popular majors or fields of study that typically taken along with strings?

I know two people that went to IU, one for Violin, Music Ed. She went to HS with me and was an outstanding fabulous player. She was concertmaster in her Freshman year and played pro while in school, afterwards and later in life. She wound up switching to Music Merchandising and got an office job but never stopped performing. That was 40 years ago. Another is a little younger, played violin and got her degree in Music Ed. Great player, great teacher, took a few classes but didn’t get a dual major degree.

IU is such a large school, there is certainly something there for anyone. My daughter would like to be a lawyer, if not a cellist, and would look to do some Italian, business and poly sci classes but says that being a performance major and doing right is a full time job. When we went to visit Peabody, there were some special people doing dual degrees and I honestly don’t know how they do it. It wasn’t recommended although taking classes at Johns Hopkins is recommended to help you break it up, explore a college life and learn something new. Our tour guide student was studying Arabic.

I am hoping Indiana is a yes for my daughter and I believe it will be a very good option. Good luck to you!