Japanese test

<p>hi i am planning to take the japanese placement exam during august. I was wondering - what happens if u get placed into a class... are you required to attend that class? what if that class' available times conflict with your other classes' time?</p>

<p>im also taking the exam during my orientation in august. I don't think your required to attend the class, it would be unreasonable. It's just a placement test...</p>

<p>you would not be allowed to take a different level japanese class but there is no requirement to take the class you placed into at all; unless you have to comlete your foreign language requirement, in which case you just need to have through level 202 completed by the end of your 3rd year. so, not taking the class your first semester is fine as long as you will not lose your language abilities (which is likely....... you lose much of your vocabularly within 2 months of not using a language, include the summer and you are going to lose a lot before you come back if you take off a semester).</p>