Jefferson scholar and uva application

<p>My d is nominated for Jefferson scholar, she was told by the regional committee that she needs to let the admission office know about it. She applied EA to uva and didn't mention it on her application since she is using the common application. Does she need to let uva know about her nomination? If so, how should she do it, send in an email or letter? Does uva has regional officers? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.</p>

<p>Email is fine. Our email address is in the applications instructions. I don't post it because there are spam bots that crawl this website.</p>

<p>We read randomly, so there are no regional territories. :)</p>

<p>Best wishes to her in the process!</p>

<p>I was also nominated for Jefferson Scholars. Is it true that we should notify admissions office?</p>

<p>Thanks, Dean J. You are the best.</p>

<p>Yes, I'd notify us by email. The Jefferson Scholars Foundation is a totally separate entity. We don't know who is involved in their process until the very end.</p>

<p>Thanks so much. I'll send an email tomorrow morning.</p>